Friday, January 30, 2009

fun, fUN, and MORE FUN on a beautiful day!!

Today was a great day. It was a busy day starting with a gym workout at 5:30 a.m. and then straight home to get everyone off to school and then to meet a group of great girls that all have boys around the same age as Teague. We all started with girls and talk about how our activities center around the girls and we feel so sorry for our boys...I mean, they did grow up with pink toys, Barbies, etc. None of us have worked super hard to make friends for our boys (we are busy ladies). We've decided that we want to do that so we have started a "baby boy play group" and today was our first- we actually started talking about this boy group in August!

We met this morning at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land. They have an indoor playgroup (much like the one you see at Chick Fil A BUT much nicer) and perfect for little ones (and MOMS!). What a deal, right?! How can you go wrong hanging out there? Teague enjoyed himself and ran all over the place. Most of the boys came over and checked on their Moms or hung onto their legs, but not Teague. He LOVED the freedom. I would have to look for HIM!!! I tried to get pictures of the kids together, but none of them were really interested in each other- I am sure that will change as they get older. Anyway, as we finished we tried to put the kids together for a picture under the fish tank in the lobby. I made the comment that we had to "take it" fast because Teague would not sit still for long. Some of the kids weren't interested so it ended up being Teague with 3 older girls. He thought they were pretty interesting and everyone just laughed at him.
Teague with the girls. He is such a hoot!
Teague looking at the fish tank in the lobby.
Later on, the girls came home from school and we headed to the park in the neighborhood to enjoy the weather some more. It was just perfect today. Bailey and Emma's friends, Caroline and Erin Templin, had a party at the park just for fun. They invited a bunch of their friends and played games and ate pizza and cupcakes. The girls hung out with girl friends and I chased around the boys. I took 160 pictures within an hour. I want you to know that I got ONE picture of Teague looking at the camera. Yes, just one. He is up to his old tricks again. I tried and tried with no luck. So frustrating, but I did get lots of cute pictures anyway. Lots of playing, sliding, a LOT of flying hair and discovering the world. A pretty perfect day for us.

Time for dinner, a bath and bed! Goodnight.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buckles are all the rage!

Teague has been cracking me up lately. He just loves his buckle on his high chair. He just LOVES to work with it and make it snap. He is even really careful about making sure his fingers aren't in the way!! When he is finished eating, he screams for us to remove the tray so that he can "play". I even see him playing with it during the day instead of toys. He goes right for it and will intently focus on getting the pieces together. It's about the only time he is quiet and not making a ruckus in the house!! We think it's so funny!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big boys and mac and cheese- YUMMY!

This morning wasn't a good morning. Teague woke up early (6:00ish and fussy about changing his diaper- totally normal for him) and Jerrod was out of town last night so I had morning duties. Ya know how sometimes you wake up and you have a bad attitude about the day? It happens typically when I have no REAL plans for the day and I guess, I think I am just going to hang around the house and clean. How boring! I don't know, but I hate those kind of days. We had a company coming over to work on organizing the garage so I did need to be near by in case they had questions. Eventually, I HAD to get out of the house so Jackson, Teague and I went to drop off laundry and the bank to deposit some money- whoo hoo, right??! As I was leaving the bank, Teague starting crying and screaming (not unusual, just annoying!) so we decided to stop in at Luby's to grab a bite to eat. They were just opening so we even had to wait a few minutes before we could go through the line. Teague, of course, screamed and wanted to eat right then. We got our food (I was juggling a tray full of food and a tall glass of tea and trying to push a rolling high chair) and headed to the table with a little bit of help from the ladies that work there. Just as we were sitting down to eat, (and Teague was grabbing at food to eat...)Jackson tells me he has to go to the bathroom. He told me he could go by himself since he knew where it was and there weren't many people in the restaurant (and again Teague was needy) so I decided to let him go by himself. I told him to be sure to wash his hands and assumed that I would need to follow him in there afterwards to help him reach the soap and sink, etc. You know what? He came back all fresh and ready to eat! I think he was gone a whole 3 minutes (mr. speedy) with fresh smelling hands and so GROWN up! I feel silly, but I almost started crying. He could tell that I was so happy for him and of course, I had to ask him, "why do you keep doing this to me? Why do you grow up?". He smiled and said, "I feel like I am already five!". He will be on April 6th!
My big boys:

Teague put every last noodle on the fork...his new obsession. Forks, really?Notice he is double jello is yummy too.
Full tummies make me silly!!Empty trays make Mommy smile!!
This day ended up being a great day. Just when I start to thinking (again) that being a SAHM isn't for me, I have a day like this!! It's funny how God does that! Praise God for these special little men that are in my life. Praise God!! And what a blessing it is to be able to spend this "boring" day with them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sisters are...


Look at the special treat Teague got...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Party, Tourney and Motocross

Our weekend was full of fun. Saturday morning Jackson spent time at Cavett's 4th birthday party at Stomping Grounds Playland in Sugar Land. Happy 4th Birthday Cavett! (and thank you Debbie for taking him to the party- Emma still wasn't feeling well) Jackson was full of tall tales when he returned...he really likes that place!!

Jerrod spent his morning playing in a golf tournament at River Bend Country Club in Stafford. He tied for 1st, but in the playoff to determine the only 1st place winner...he became the 2nd place winner!! He had fun and that's all the matters!

I spent the day doing the laundry (remember the pictures?). I didn't finish them completely but I got really close. Tomorrow will be a good day to finish!

Jerrod's company sponsors a team at the AMA Supercross held here in Houston at Reliant Stadium every January. This year was no different so we met my brother Keith, SIL Cindy, nephew Keeton and neice Cassie along with the Quevedo's (Matt, Lisa, Ciara and Kaston) and the Carden's (another family friend of my brothers) tonight. Jerrod's long lost childhood friend David Carr (they recently reconnected) and his wife and daughter met us there too. The company rents out the Tejas suite and really do it up with lots of food and drinks and preferred seating for the event. The majority of the people there (I'd say around 200), we don't even know- they are family and friends of those on the motorcross team. It was nice to know a few faces this year....although we have fun either way!!
Jerrod in his racing shirt- notice Cumberland Distribution in the bottom right corner.
Keith, Cindy, Cassie and Kim's daughter. The family minus Emma (she wasn't feeling well again!).The group...
Lisa, Keeton and Ciara.The kids enjoying cake.Emma spent her time sleeping. I promise, she didn't tell us she felt bad until we got there. I knew something was wrong when all her cousins were there and she didn't want to play. I asked her if she wanted cake and for the first time ever- she said NO! She was sick for sure. I felt so bad for her, but she had no trouble falling asleep with all the noise, laughing and playing going on around her.And the grand finale....Emma took this picture so I give her thanks for cutting off my head!!

Bailey repays the favor

Emma came home from school yesterday and she did not feel good. She didn't want to go to her Brownie meeting but she had to because I had to teach and those girls were counting on me. I felt so bad dragging her with me and she had a hard time making it through the meeting. Her friends were so sweet to her!

When she got home, she landed right on the couch. Bailey took right to helping her with her dinner choice- soup. Bailey made her soup, got her a large glass of water and kept making sure she was feeling OK. AWWWW!