Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's play catch up...

I am so behind on blogging. I have been well....overwhelmed with a lot of things lately. Primarily the kids, but house stuff too. It seems ultra busy and I sure hope it isn't a sign of what is to come. With the ages of our kids, everyone keeps telling us that we will start to get busy. I ask, "Busier than NOW?". If so, I am scared.

Sometimes I feel like I just write the same things ALL the time. My friend
Becky says, "she doesn't have anything Christmas like to write about". That's the way I would describe it. On top of that, I found out this week that after 6 weeks of meeting with a weight trainer 3 days a week and cardio 3 times a week I have lost a WHOPPING .75 pound. Yes, not even a pound. I have majorly changed my eating habits, too! I don't get it, but I will push forward with it.

I just don't want to let this blog go. I am enjoying the idea of publishing the blog entries into a book ( will slurp all entries) and make it as a sort of diary of our everyday happenings. That's why sometimes you probably read this and say, "why did she say that?"- it's because it may be a small thing now, but in the years to come my children will cherish all the small things and the everyday events. I'll print my blurb book 4 times and VOILA- they have a memory book.

Let's get caught up on our happenings.

Anyway, I got some great pictures of Teague's new best friend this week. Lucy (yes, you helped to name her...her name was chosen by 66% of the people that voted) have been having a grand time playing together outside everyday. Lucy discovered someone close to her same size so she is constantly going to find Teague. He thinks she is pretty cute until she gets right up close to him (read: in his face) or when she decides she wants to use his as a toy. You must see the picture to understand this one.
So cute. She also
went to the vet this week for the first time and she got a clean bill of health- all 2.8 lbs. of her.

My absolute favorite picture of all of them...
We ran, ran, ran a lot this week. On Thursday we did our usual, gymnastics with Jeremy and all the boys (man, that is fun for Jackson- not only does he enjoy Jeremy his coach, but now he has 3 other boys in the class!!) and then we headed to speech for Jackson. He doesn't ever want to go, but he is such a compliant client. His therapist always comments on how he would love to have about 39 more Jackson's to make up his 40 hour a week speech sessions. He always comments on how he knows that Jackson probably doesn't like doing the things he asks him to do, but somehow Jackson never complains and just does it! I sure hope that continues as he enters Kindergarten next year. Of course, I always tell his therapist that Jackson is the same at home...a perfect little "almost" 5 year old that obeys our every command. hehehe

Friday was a special treat for Teague. We met some friends again at Sugar Creek Baptist for a play date in the AM at their playscape. He just goes wacky for everything! Up and down and around again...then all over again. He loves the slides and loves to climb on everything. They have these little stumps they can climb on and he tries very hard to stay on top of them. We had plans to go and eat at Luby's (my new favorite hang out) afterwards. Some of my friends have never eaten there (I say, you have to be kidding me) and they think it is so funny that I like to go their with the kids. They have heard me talk about it and they want to go and try it's an amusement park or something!! I told them there are a lot of gray hairs there, but we make it young and hip when we walk in. So that was our plan. The boys had other ideas as they were all cranky at the end of the playdate and none of us wanted to brave the line and public eating theatrics with our little ones. But as I was leaving, I got a phone call from my friend Jennifer and she said that her and Kendrick were there waiting on us (smart girl) so I couldn't pass up another meal at my favorite establishment. We enjoyed our lunch and Jenn and I had a chance to catch up on the latest- she had some big news for me that I will share shortly. And no pregnancy...nothing that exciting. Teague had his usual LARGE bowl of mac and cheese and of course, his red jello. Yummy!

Our Brownie troop had a booth in the neighborhood at the Recreation Center on Saturday morning. Can I tell you that we sold 507 boxes of cookies....yes, close to $1700.00 worth of COOKIES!! We couldn't believe it and the Moms (I mean girls) were super excited about it. We all jumped up and down for joy (as the girls played in the sand and with rolly polly bugs)!! Later on Emma went to play with her friend, Hannah for the day. She ended up sleeping at her house so Bailey wanted to have a few friends over to play. She asked Erin and Caroline and they of course, jumped all over it. They had it all planned out...they were going to make a video of a "play" they came up with. Bailey was the nerd, Erin was the "popular" girl, and Caroline was the gangster "homey". Here's what they looked like:

Today is a stunner so after church, we went to a new place. We went to the Farmer's Market on FM 762 in Richmond. My friend Debbie has told me about this place and how her and her husband like to go out there and shop. There were lots of ornament iron pieces and a flare for "texas" decorating...all things leather, studded pieces of furniture, western art- you name it- they had it. All kinds of iron gates, big stars, garden things and the floral arrangements were awesome too. I may have to go back out there sans kiddos and grab me one. I'll post some pictures so you can see this place- it is really a gem. You must go and check it out...when the weather is right! As usual, the camera was in tow and I was able to get some great photos of the kids. Enjoy! BTW- for those of you that live in the area- this right past the Swingin' Door restaurant past Pecan Grove area.

My favorite picture...even if the toot isn't looking. You may see one of these on the blog page as my photo. My friend, Stacey, told me about a photography 1 day class and so we might go. We both want to be able to take pictures of our kiddos...OURSELVES! No more paying high prices for photography! Anyway, there are great props out there even if you don't want to shop. Check out that sky...and that's no PHOTOSHOP!! Absolutely stunning day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our newest family member

Meet the newest member of the Smith Family...We went to pick her up at the breeder in Hockley today and she did so good on the way home. The girls and Jackson took turns holding her in the back seat and she didn't tremble at all!! I think she is going to be a great addition to our family. Let's see what tonight holds for us- we are fully aware it is just like bringing a baby home and anticipate only the best. We have a poll on this blog for her name: FiFi, Phoebe, Lucy and CoCo are the choices. It looks like Lucy will be the winner but we will wait until Tuesday to declare the winner!! Go vote!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We are getting a PUPPY!! Yippee!!

Jerrod and I decided to get the kids the puppy for Valentine's day. We go and pick up our cutie tomorrow in NW Houston. The girls started crying when we told them and that made me cry...we are really excited!! We can't wait to see her in person and we hope that you will vote for her name. Click on the poll to the right and give us your opinion. Thanks!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Girl Scout 50's dance- Father/Daughter Sock Hop

Tonight was the Father/Daughter Sock Hop at Campbell Elementary in our neighborhood. Our girls (along with our entire Brownie troop) attended...and couldn't wait for tonight. My friend, Megan, made the skirts for the girls and then I embellished them with the poodle, fur and the doggie collar. I couldn't believe that Bailey actually put it on!! She surprises me!! Anyway, my girls looked precious and I love them dearly, but I love the man in the middle the MOST! He is such a super good Daddy!! He even played the part with the white shirt and jean jacket- go Jerrod!! I can't wait to post the pictures from the dance later. Be on the lookout soon.
Our Brownie troop along with the coolest Dads in Greatwood!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Playing with friends

Jackson, Teague and I had fun today by meeting Colby and Debbie Templin at Stomping Grounds. This was the first time for us to meet the Templins there and it was a treat. Colby is Debbie's fourth child so we have our hands full with kids and activities and we rarely get a chance to chat as adults. We do some talking on the phone, but it's usually about kids, etc. so this outing gave us a chance to talk about vacations, family and all sorts of other topics. Unfortunately, I did have to chase Teague quite a bit so our conversations were a little disrupted. Like usual, he was interested in other people's food, the hallway leading to the bathroom...icky, and the party rooms. He even found a buckle to play with on the highchair. I kept one eye on him the whole time and Jackson did some helping too. He would tell me what Teague was doing inside the play area and make sure he was safe. Kerplunk!It was fun for me (I so enjoy Debbie) and especially fun for Jackson since he always wants a friend to play with!!

After we left there, we went to get some good grub! We went to Lupe Tortilla's and the kids got to play in the sand box and we got to enjoy some mexican food. Jerrod doesn't like Lupe's (I know...crazy) so it made this lunch special- and super yummy! We finished up the meal allowing the kids to get a popsicle. Teague was included and he enjoyed it immensely...with rice and bean and all!! He kept dipping the ice cream in the rice and beans and then eating it, yummo and super cute!! I literally had to strip him of his clothes and give him a semi-bath with wipes before I put him in the car to come home. His tummy was full and he was ready for a nice, warm bed. It was a fun day for my boys and for me.
Debbie and Colby.
Ice cream with beans and rice, yummy!
My boys!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I don't know what to call this one...I am tired.

Every so often, I get tired. Really tired. I am so really tired right now. This happens to me every 6 months or so. I get upset and frustrated with how things are going in the house and I start to vent and get overly hyper about how I don't like this and that...

Yes, the type of tired where you want to sleep all the time. I seriously could crawl in bed all day these days. It is especially bad when I have been running around early in the morning (typically after a work out) and I haven't had a chance to shower. Those are the worst days for me. They are bad because I really don't want to see anyone...another perfect excuse to crawl in bed.

So lately, I have been making a sincere effort to come home from my workout (geez...around 6:45 am!) and get started for the day with a hot shower and makeup soon follows. I know myself and I KNOW that I have to get "ready" for the day or I am doomed. Well, right now, I am still seeing no changes in my will to sleep.

I am also very tired of certain "things" that surround me. I feel selfish, but I am being honest.

1) I am ultra tired of cleaning the high chair. I swear, I clean that thing 6 times a day. It is clearly not Teague's fault that it is dirty (I know he is learning), but I am tired of cleaning the trays and the seat and oh, the seatbelts! Those are nasty. I have to get a screwdriver out to take them off the high chair to clean them and they are so frustrating. It only takes one or two times in the chair for them to seriously need a cleaning... Plus, it's big and bulky and frankly, just annoying. I am so tired of it.

2) I am tired of competing with my older kids for time after school. It may sound crazy, but I want my kids to finish their homework before they go and play after school. I really don't even think they should play EVERYDAY after school. I think time at home to play with siblings, play games, do crafts, play in their room and just spend time together is so important. I really like my kids. I get so tired of them running in the door after school to do homework, their chores and then they are dying to get out of the house to play with friends. I am all about staying active, but my goodness...can't they find something to do here??! With me?

3) I am tired of whiny kids. I am tired of Jackson asking for candy or a popsicle right after breakfast. When I tell him no, he whines (and having GS cookies all over the house does nothing to help). I am tired of Emma whining when I tell her to do her chores. She knows she has to do them, but she whines. So annoying. I am tired of Bailey acting so "put out" when I ask her to do anything. Her hormones must be setting in. I feel like I have a crew full of "employees" that feel "entitled" to a pay check...for nothing. I do soooo much for them...they haven't a clue. So, so, so annoying and it makes me tired.

4) I am tired of not having ANY sacred space in this house. Even though each of my children have a bedroom and they each have a bathroom (even a sink and big mirror in their room...I would have LOVED this as a child), they still use my bathroom. My drawers are filled with pony tail holders, barrettes, and ribbons for bows. I really wouldn't be bothered by this, but so often- I can't find my things. I cannot count the amount of headbands I have purchased that have disappeared or were broken or missing brushes...and I can promise you that I did not lose them. The same goes for the computer. The kids have a computer, but they don't use that one. They use our computer in OUR office or our new notebook computer. I do not have a space that is mine. I am tired of that.

5) I am tired of laundry. Enough said.

6) I am tired of driving a dump truck everyday. Our suburban is filthy. I am so tired of getting into it and looking in the back to see piles and piles of trash, food tossed on the floor, moldy sippy cups, shoes, jackets, etc. EVERYWHERE!! The sad thing, I make the kids clean the car all the time. It doesn't take a day or so to get it dirty again... I have my hands full with Teague when I get out of the car so I don't have the hands to grab extra stuff. I also don't have the brain power to remind everyone to grab their things. I am tired of having to remember everything and tired of trying to keep the suburban cleaned.

I could go on and on, but I am tired of talking about everything that I am tired of.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

sun, shovels and slides all alone

The girls spent the night with the Templins last night and Jackson went over to play with Colby this morning. It left just Teague and I here to play since Jerrod was golfing. We have been lucky lately with beautiful weather outside and today was no different. A nice, cool breeze makes for perfect outdoor play time and in Houston, it is definitely a luxury and is to be appreciated! Teague discovered the rocks outside in the backyard under the playset this time. They have always been there...but today they were NOTICED!! He also found the shovels and buckets! He found it so interesting to drop the rocks in and out of the buckets and the dump trucks. He also figured out how to get on top of the playset- oh no! And that the tire under the playset actually moves! I was able to really focus on just him since the other kids were gone so it was fun to watch him move from one thing to another...and so quickly! He really tried to get to the pool water- I am so thankful for our Katch a Kid net. It saves my sanity! Love that thing- it was worth every penny.

Did I have my camera?? Of course! And did I mention that it was just Teague and I? And Saturday morning? With no plans but to play? So that answers why Teague is still in his pj's!! Hey, I did put on his shoes...