Monday, August 24, 2009

I can't believe I've got three going to school now!

My angels the first day of school! All SMILES!
Bailey held Jackson's hand the entire way to his classroom. She might as well pushed me out of the way- she was determined to make him feel comfortable and frankly, she is proud of her school and HER BROTHER!!
When we got into Jackson's classroom, he found his snack box immediately and placed his snack inside. He also took out his water bottle and went to find his desk. Not one TEAR! Ms. Janacek gave him a big hug as we were leaving...
and then, this is how we left him- smiling and all ready to get to work. Not ONE tear for Jackson or me. I really think I would have had a harder time with it, but I am certain that Ms. Janacek is the best fit for Jackson. She is gentle, loving and firm- but more importantly, a great teacher with a great reputation.

Here is Emma with her homeroom teacher, Ms. Balogh. Her switch teacher is Ms. Garza so she is excited about getting her things and switching classrooms everyday. I can't believe that Emma is going to be responsible for an agenda (a right of passage for 3rd graders) and go to more than one teacher. It just doesn't seem possible that she is really 8 years old!!

Here is Bailey with her homeroom teacher, Ms. Downey. Her other teachers are Ms. Gresham and Ms. Kopps. We have been praying for Ms. Downey for several years. Bailey really wanted her in 4th grade, but didn't get her. When I heard she was going to 5th grade to teach, I told Bailey and she got her hopes up again.

Julie (Ms. Downey) and I have been friends for years. I met her right when we moved to Greatwood and we have been in several Bible studies together and even been on a trip to shop at Canton together for a girls weekend. I know her ethics and her morals and happen to know that she is really a great teacher...her reputation is incredible! Bailey told me that she wants to make straight A's this year- I am super excited about that and I know she can.

After school, I waited patiently for the bus to arrive with my precious cargo. They all came back smiling...and sweaty. Jackson has recess right before he goes home and then he promptly noted, "that bus has no cold air on it!".
Everyone had a great first day. Jackson was all smiles. When I asked him what he liked the most- he said, "playing with Colby on the playground"- some things don't change, I see. I asked him about Ms. Janacek too. He said, "Mommy, I think she likes me" and of course, I said, "I bet you are her favorite," and he replied, "I know!". So matter of fact and sure of himself. LOVE the attitude.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The night before kindergarten

I wanted to get Jackson ready for Kindergarten tonight with a book. Jackson and Kendall, our neighbor, got the same teacher and we are just thrilled so I decided to get them together tonight so that they could see each other before school and maybe even have someone to eat lunch with tomorrow. The little get together would not have been complete without Colby so he stopped by too.

We read several books about school like How do Dinosaurs go to School? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, It's Hard to Be Five by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, and Shiver Me Letters- A Pirate ABC by June Sobel. This is the one they loved the most! They just loved looking for the letters hidden on each page. It was so cute to see them get into the story.

We followed books with homemade cookies made by Kendall's Mommy, Nicole, and then Bailey, Emma and I sang a song to end the party. We sang "Go Go Go to Bed" to the tune of "Row Row Row Your Boat" from the book Take me out of the bathtub and other silly dilly songs by Alan Katz. Fun times!

Soon after, we hit the sack! It's going to be a early morning and we have not practiced getting up early and all that jazz. Bailey and Jackson are early risers anyway so they will pop right up, I am sure of it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Teague is 2"

Teague's birthday party was a work in progress. There was some planning done, but not nearly enough. I decided on the theme and ordered some items so that they could play (if they wanted) and ordered some super cute birthday invitations from Polka Dot Designs. This is the invitation (poor copy) and then, this is what I had them say:
All Aboard!
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
Jump on the tracks
Our Teague is two!

He's discovered trains
and all they do
So we're building his first
and we need YOU!

August 22, 2009
Arrival time: 5:00 p.m.
Meet at Smith Station

Come ready to play, eat
and have some fun!

Reserve your ticket:
832-735-2128 or

We spent the week before his birthday in Fredericksburg and the invitations were delivered to Sugar Land so I actually never got them mailed to anyone. A definite first for me. They were so cute and I was bummed, but we all survived my lack of organization. A few days before the party, I got on my bike and delivered a few and then called on my trusty friends to bring their children over to have some fun. They were so nice to show up to sing the birthday song to Teague! I know now who I can count on!!
Here's the cake that I worked on for several hours. I think it turned out well and I really think the kids liked it- of course, Teague couldn't care less....he just wanted to eat all the little candy loaded on each box car! Teague is loving his new train set and can play with it for endless hours.
When everyone started to sing, Teague just stared at everyone and didn't know what to think. He started telling us, "I two, I two..." with all 5 fingers. Then, his big sisters taught him how to blow out candles. What fun that was!
The older kids pegged their train car and went to town eating them. The more candy, the better! But like I said, Teague liked the cake and all, but he LOVED these train cookies I picked up from Maureen's Bakery on Hwy. 6 in Sugar Land. She did a great job decorating them and they were delicious....they were ALL gone before the party was over. As the older kids went back to swimming, we noticed Teague climbing from chair to chair at the table outside. He was going around and eating all the candy left on the train cars from the older kids. He was full, full, full of sugar!! Busted!! We made a train for Teague....
and cousin Cassie pushed him around on the driveway. After we swam and played games Teague got to tear into his presents. His sisters helped him get started, but that was all it took. He became a pro within minutes!! What is it that this birthday boy taught me this year??
1. That things work out perfectly even if things aren't perfect.
2. Little ones really don't care about the presents or the cake but do care about being recognized.
3. Adults really aren't that impressed by all you do at home to make the party, it's the celebration they care about.
4. I can count on my friends and family for anything!
5. God really knows what he is doing...he gave me a perfect little boy that I chose to name Teague.
6. I am blessed, blessed and blessed beyond belief.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy birthday baby boy and finally, we get to see the Legers!

We started this morning by going to meet our teachers for the 09-10 school year. Bailey got Ms. Downey, Emma got Ms. Baylogh and Ms. Garza and Jackson got Ms. Janacek. We are thrilled with all the teachers they got and are looking forward to all this year has in store for us. Jackson was chomping at the bit to get to Campbell to see his classroom and meet his teacher. The girls had so much fun showing him around and introducing him to everything. Here he is sitting in his VERY first desk in Kindergarten! He was able to find his name and take a seat! It's going to be great :)
Afterwards, we headed to Houston so that we could finally see the Leger's. Alisha and I taught together at Purple Sage Elementary in Galena Park in the late 90's. We both wanted to stop teaching after we had our first baby. I did quit teaching elementary school but thought I would do some teaching at night at the college level. I applied for a position at San Jacinto College and got a full time teaching job out of it. Alisha stayed home with her boy, Austen and she kept Bailey for me until she turned one.

I just love Alisha to death. I cannot tell you how different we are- she home schools, I don't- she is a terrific money manager, I am not- she is content at home always, I am not- really, we are so different. She is the BEST listener I have ever met and knows just what to say when I need to talk. She is a jewel! Our differences, I believe, are what makes us such fantastic friends.

Over the past 10 years, we have remained close and seriously, we have tried to get together all summer long. It's been one thing or another- we are busy and so are they. Last summer, we got together on Teague's birthday too. She made hot dogs for lunch and I brought over a boxed brownie mix to make for Teague's birthday cake. Austen, Bailey and Emma played rock band and Jackson and Teague played in Austen's room most of the day. They were in boy HEAVEN for sure. Look at all this good stuff to get into....
We took a break and swam for a short time. Bailey and Austen practiced strokes and timed each other. I was so funny to see them take their swimming abilities so seriously.
Jackson, Emma and Teague played on the play set.
We sang happy birthday to Teague and all enjoyed the brownies. Yummy!
When we were ready to go home, this is what we came into. I think Teague had pulled every single toy off the shelf! Alisha and I quickly picked it up and made the room all better. I had to take Teague out of the house kicking and screaming. None of us wanted to leave. We had so much fun hanging with Austen and Alisha and hope they will have us back sometime soon (considering the mess we made!).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is how I get ready for my baby's 2nd birthday

I've decided that the theme will be trains for Teague's 2nd birthday party. He discovered trains at the Spraggins and ever since he has saying, "choo choo" to anything that rolls and noticing trains everywhere. I found a website with some pretty cute things so I went for it. Trains, it is. I found these little transportation tattoos. I found these little transporation pieces (one is a train) and we are going to hide these in the grass and let the little ones have a "hunt" for them. I found these train sponges to we can stamp on the driveway. I found these train whistles and put them in a cupcake pan with water. I put them in the freezer and plan to have them swim with the ice cubes. I found this cake pan at Williams Sonoma outlet in San Marcos so I picked it up and have decided that I am going to make the cake. Yes, me and I don't bake! Scary!I had a little help!
And now comes the decorating party...I bought smarties, dum dums, jelly beans, nerds and the such to decorate with. I hope it turns out!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Check out our bowlers! We asked the bowling alley to put up the gutter guards and we were in business.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr. Friendly

Tonight we went to Hondo's on Main street with our friends the Gioffre's. Shelly, Shawn and their little boy Jack met us there for dinner and we had so much fun hanging out with them. I think Jack had a great time hanging out with our four kiddos and we had fun talking about all sorts of things as adults! Fun times!

Shelly and Jack
Teague and Jack
Lately, Teague has became "Mr. Friendly" and tonight he was in full form. He was walking up to people and saying, "hi" and enjoying the scenery. He even crawled under a bar stool and surprised a real cowboy, but his big hat didn't even phase Teague. He crawled right up into the cowboy's arms and introduced himself...and even took his hat from his head. Then, he climbed up in a chair with a couple and ate some dinner with them. They fed him french fries and he ate them up. Teague sat on Shelly's lap, Shawn's lap and probably would have climbed in anyone else's lap if they would have invited him. Of course, I had my camera and caught some good pictures.
Teague meeting all his new friends at the restaurantTeague and Shawn
We had so much with the Gioffre's and hope to go out with them again REAL soon!