Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boy Power!

I teased the girls before they left by telling them that we (the boys and I) were going to party it up while they were gone. I was just kidding, but Jackson overhead me and he was NOT. He kept asking when the party was going to be so I called on my neighbors to help me throw one....thanks Audra, Nicole, Debbie and Stacey for coming over to swim with us! We had a ball!
As much as I hate to see myself in a swimsuit (or any of you for that matter!), I just couldn't pass posting this picture! You can just see how much fun Teague was having sliding down the slide with me!

Here are a few snapshots of the kids swimming:

We did popsicles at the end of the party! Yummy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today was drop off day for an entire week at Camp Cho-Yeh. The girls are ready to have some fun away from Mom and Dad and are looking forward to the games and friends they make while there. The girls walking to their cabins:
Bailey walking with Teague:
Emma got a top bunk:
Bailey got one too!
One last picture of the girls before parents drive away:
Heading down to the lake to swim:
The boys enjoying the free cookies and juice:
Teague made friends with the Camp director right before we left so he got a private ride to the car! Go Teague!

I guess the boys and I will have to make do with all our free time away from the girls....wonder what we'll do? Party??!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Water balloons and My Fbg Neighbor!

Yesterday's doctors visit where they behaved so well got them several things- ice cream, of course and these water balloons. They promised me several things before they were purchased....they agreed that no one would "hurt" anyone, any and all games would be fair so that no one got left out and most importantly- clean up! They spent close to an hour blowing up all the balloons while Caroline and I tied them closed.
Let the games begin!!
My neighbor, Leslie, stopped by this afternoon to invite us over to swim after Teague's nap. The kids were excited and I was thrilled to meet a new friend (plus, she lives across the street :0)! Leslie and her husband have 3 children- a 12 year old girl and two boys (8 and 2). I had a great visit and I enjoyed watching the kids make new friends too. Teague found this Step 2 sink and it kept him occupied for a long time.
Here are the girls in the hot tub:
Jackson and Grayson swinging:
These pictures turned out really cool so I have to include them in this post. We all laughed when we saw these because we think it looks like the kids are walking on water!!

Thank you Leslie for opening your beautiful home and pool to all of us just one day after meeting us! You were such a gracious host! Thanks again!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winging it in Fredericksburg with a few extra's

I had promised the kids that they could take Caroline and Maddie to Fredericksburg sometime ago right after swim team was over. There was no way they were going to let me forget it so I gave in and let them ask their friends eventhough I was going without Jerrod. They were silly girls the entire way to Fredericksburg and found all kinds of ways to amuse themselves.
As any good baby will do, Teague was up until midnight last night so I gave him some Motrin just to see if he could eventually fade off to sleep. Eventually, he did so I knew I had to get him in to see a doctor immediately or it was going to be a short trip!!

I took everyone to the doctor with me (they were good and were bribed) and he confirmed that Teague had another ear infection so he gave him a prescription to get him better- quick! After we got that filled, we were off to Clear River Pecan Co. on Main street (the bribe) where everyone enjoyed homemade ice cream. Maddie's was homemade peach- we all agreed that she made the best choice. Yummo!
This evening we went to the Old Tunnel to see the bats emerge. It was a great time and actually very educational! The girls had a great time asking the WMA employees all kinds of questions. They even had all kinds of bat bones and other stuff the kids enjoyed looking at. Here we are waiting for them to emerge:
Here's where you can see them coming out:
Here they are going out for food- they usually return sometime between midnight and dawn.
Totally COOL!
But the best part for ME? I met a friend and my neighbor at the tunnel. I was talking to another Mom and we were discussing coming out to see the bats and where and what to do in Fredericksburg. Leslie lives there permanently and gave me some great pointers. As I was leaving, I asked her about swimming with the kids in Fredericksburg and somehow we figured out that we live across the street from each other!! She gave me her cell phone number and told me to give her a call so that we could get together. I am thrilled!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spending the night with friends

Emma had Emma spend the night with her tonight. It's just crazy how these girls reconnect after weeks and sometimes several months without really hanging out together. These girls were BEST friends in Kindergarten and then Emma changed to a private school. Eventhough Emma goes to a different school, she always fits in so well with all the girls in the neighborhood, our GS troop and swim team. Her and Emma have fun just like they see each other every day! It's really pretty awesome.

The girls had a good time hanging out in Emma's room, swimming in the backyard and then I painted their fingernails. Perfect girl time!! My Emma wanted polka dots and Emma wanted flowers on all her nails. Girls, girls, girls.....Then, Jackson came home from Colby's and said that he was invited to spend the night at the Templin's. I didn't know what to think, but I certainly didn't expect him to act so excited- I really thought he wouldn't want to go because he would be too scared to be away all night. Nope! He was so excited! Debbie said he did great! He's growing up...right in front of my eyes!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

All Stars

All Stars was a new experience for this family. Bailey has swam for several years, but she finally made it this level and she was so proud of herself. I think she was a little intimidated by the size of the Natatorium and amount of people that were there to watch all the swimmers when we got there, but I think her favorite part was when everyone was waiting outside for the doors to open and when we walked up everyone started yelling, "Here's a swimmer- let her by..." so she got to go in early and pass up all the others standing outside!
Ready to swim!
Go Bailey!
Bailey got 14th place for her individual breast stroke and her relay team got 5th place for their medley relay and freestyle relay. Bailey was disappointed with her results so we discussed what it would take for her to improve the next year...year round swimming. I have mixed feelings about it since it is such a time committment, but this is the first sport that she absolutely LOVES! We'll be thinking it over the next few weeks.
Proud Mom and Dad!
Proud brother and sister!
Bailey was also so excited to have Carey, Todd, Nanny and Grand Dad there to watch (somehow I never got them in any pictures- urghh!) and it really meant a ton to see them show up just for HER! Thanks guys! You rock! Seriously.