Thursday, November 05, 2009

Adoring Nester

Do you remember my post about Nester recently? Well, I decided to follow her lead and tackle some of the things in my home that I have been wanting to get to- listen, I adore her. She is so inspiring to me...

I love to create things, decorate rooms, tables, and spaces. She has inspired me to get started and do some of things that I love to do, again! I really did do what I said I was going to do- I took everything off my tables in the hallway, dining room, and bedside tables in our room. I went through cabinets in the kitchen, closets and the like to find things I didn't even know I could use. I found so much I could use in this house!! I stacked, layered and followed the rules she set for "tablescaping". It was a load of fun, but of course, I got side tracked with things around here so there is still a lot of work to be done. I did take a few pictures of the several spots: my console in the hallway and I made a little sitting area in my dining room with chairs from my kitchen table (I know, I hear ya, I must get some pillows to place on those chairs to make them look comfy) but I am seriously happy about the way these two little area look for now.

Mind you, I didn't spend a dime. I just did a little research and recovery right here in the house! I even bought my first jar of silver cream to recover a few things! How fun is that??!

I have merely gotten on the lookout for new postings...soon! I am in full mode and I will give you a little hint, smidget of what's in store. I did purchase some scrapbook paper and am ready to install it in the most peculiar place this next week! I feel the need to warn's gonna look good, it's gonna shock you and you are going to want to copy me. I promise!

If you've been wondering where I've been- I've been Nesterized (and a few other blogs too listed on my sidebar)! I'll be back in full swing after I've caught up on the Nester and all her jazzy projects. For those of you that know about Nester, I went to Wally World last night and purchased my first set of upholstery pins. Yep! And proud of it! Ok, and noticed at Garden Ridge that they have decorator quality fabric for $5! Most of them are cut at 3 yards- making them less than $2 a yard! That will definitely be another story another day.

So here's what I have done so far:

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