Sunday, November 08, 2009

All about nothings

We've had a great time in the hill country this weekend. The highlight of the trip to get here was of course, Bu-cee's on I-10. Seriously crowded with hunters and the like. It was jam packed but the kids just had to get their slurpee's and we needed to stretch our legs. We also picked up some "beaver nuggets". I had heard they were good and we couldn't figure out what they were from the package so we decided to buy them. Bad move. Totally yummy somethings. We still don't know what they "are" but don't buy them...definitely addicting.
We really haven't done much which is the best part. Bailey and I ran yesterday together for a short while and then she followed me for a long while on her bike as I continued on. The weather was fab and the run felt great. The kids played outside in the yard and on the tree, etc. We also made our standard trip to Wally world and bought a few necessities (like Liquid Stitch for moi`). That is always another highlight....
We came home and I got started on my "no sew" no cost window valance for the kitchen with some left over fabric I had from another time. The Liquid Stitch was a real star in my opinion, but I had to wait to see just how good it held up. Later on, we did find a new mexican food as we were making our standard stroll down Main Street. It was yummmmy! Definitely the best one in town so far. We have tried a few and were disappointed with each of them, but this one- we will take our friends and family to! Here's what came about with the window:
After the boys went onto bed, I got to working on my window valance
in the kitchen. It's a french country toile print. I like the valance, but don't LOVE it. What does it need? I can totally change super easy. Give me some feedback, please.

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Donnie said...

I think it looks good as it, Claire. It's hard to actually see the pleats you made in the picture, but I think you did an amazing job!