Friday, November 06, 2009

I am my Mom

We laugh innocently and with LOVE when my Mom and Dad come to visit us in Sugar Land. It doesn't matter if they are spending a few hours or spending the night with us, they always bring a cooler of food and usually a laundry basket of treats and snacks for all of us. It used to offend me...I thought she didn't like what I had at the house or that she didn't trust what I bought. Now, I know that one of her love languages is "acts of kindness" and she truly loves making food and feeding us. But that doesn't mean that we have stopped snickering when they arrive with the cooler and totebag/laundry basketfull of goodies.

We are headed to Fredericksburg this afternoon. I am busy trying to get things together for all four of us while I wait for Jerrod to get home from work. This was a last minute decision and I had already gone to the grocery store yesterday so I decided to pack up what I planned for our meals this weekend. I packed enough things to make beef enchiladas, taco casserole, sandwiches and chili dogs. Before I knew it, I had a small cooler and a bag with my ingredients and snacks for the road.

I didn't even realize it while I was packing....but when I was done, I just started laughing. My children are going to have to stop at every spot imaginable so that they can go to the bathroom after drinking the drinks in the cooler.
Remember those days? Fun TIMES!

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Karen said...

You have a good role model, Claire... I am at the age (or have been at the age for several years now) to WANT to be my mom!