Sunday, October 25, 2009


Currently, I am not attending MOPS, a Bible study or part of any organization/group that would require anything out of me. I had decided in the summer that I needed to get back to me and back to the basics with my family and so I did. It has been refreshing in many ways and I really like it, but I do miss seeing friends and having fun with other women just like me: trying to make it all work in this crazy life of raising kids and special spouses.

Eventhough I am unscheduled and feeling refreshed again, I am still not settled and still do not feel "complete". I need something more. I need a sense of accomplishment other than a clean home, clean kids (and laundry) and a dinner each night at home. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be. I am happier than ever at home, working around the house even if it is cleaning out closets or rearranging shelves (over and over again it seems) but something seems to be missing.

Somehow, someway, sometime this past week, I came across a blog that I started reading. Nester is someone that I don't know, but adore. She finds herself at home and making it what she wants with what she has- repurposing, rearranging, and redoing. Click on her name to check out her blog. Seriously inspiring girl and story.

She got me thinking about all the things I want to do at home. I am realizing that I still need interests and should spend a little time on them (they typically involve decorating or creating something). I am going to start a list of all the things I want to do and learn. Once I learn them, I am going to cross them off my list. What a sense of accomplishment I am going to feel.

Here's a start to my list:

1. find out about local sewing classes and take a sewing class on T, W or Th...soon

2. learn how to use the (new, still has shrink wrap attached) photoshop program that I bought one year ago when Jerrod and I started Christmas shopping- seriously, a year ago! Did I mention that it is unopened?!

3. take the clothes from the girls closets and my closet this weekend to Goodwill

4. complete my bathroom- it feels so incomplete

5. tablescape like Nester (heck, I wouldn't drop in this week...I am seriously rearranging all my tables and will be moving things all over the house. I figure this comes first so that I'll know what I have and what I need...right?)

6. complete the playroom. This is beyond torture for me. I dislike that room so much- so much so that it should probably be the first thing I tackle. I really need to paint the shelves and I know that is going to be so hard...they are icky oak right now.

7. run in a marathon- even if it's a half marathon.

Those items were amazingly easy to come up with. I am such a list girl. Total type A personality and need to list to see my accomplishments.

I'll let you know what I get accomplished, soon.

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